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Full Article on Sauna Therapy

Benefits of Sauna Therapy:

  • Remove toxins
    • Protect brain from leaky Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Boost BDNF
    • Fertilizer for the brain
  • Lower cortisol
    • reduce stress
  • Release of  beta-endorphins
    • Experience less pain
  • Burn fat
  • Increase prolactin
    • Faster communication between neurons
  • Increase norepinephrine
    • Boost focus and attention


What if there was a way you could lose weight, build muscle, remove toxins from your body, relieve pain, reduce stress, boost brain function, sleep better, and live longer all by doing this one simple thing.
You would at least want to learn more about it, right? No, I’m not talking about changing your diet or getting more exercise. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great, but this one simple thing is very easy to do when compared to revamping your diet and exercise regimen.

Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna

All you have to do is sweat in a Near Infrared Sauna. A Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna uses a special bandwidth of light that can absorb deeply into our cells to give you more energy, and vitality in addition to all of the benefits mentioned above.
The light we receive from the Sun is about 52%-55% infrared light,but supposedly spending too much time in the Sun can be harmful due to excess exposure to ultraviolet light.
NIR saunas use the healthiest kinds of rays that we normally get from the sun, and they are perfectly safe for all humans, even in high doses.

Cavin’s Sauna Story

After healing my digestion and finding some clarity, I began to research like my life depended on it… because it did. I learned of all of the benefits of sauna therapy (which you will read about below) and, because there were very few risks and unknowns, I decided to go for it. I ended up converting my shower into a sauna enclosure in order to save space, and I gave this idea to a company who now makes and sells an excellent shower conversion kit using my plan. Check out this article to learn more about these benefits so you can understand why I chose this as a very important therapy for my neurorehabilitation.


SaunaSpace products have been designed from the ground up for the ultimate near infrared sauna therapy experience.

Sleek, minimalist design. Safe, comfortable, beautiful.

Handmade & hand-tailored artisan quality, for a lifetime of reliable service.


We create our solid wood stools to be portable and durable.

Tops are robotically milled for extreme comfort, sexy simplicity, and total relaxation

3-D contouring facilitates easy Near Infrared Sauna rotation protocol (¼ turn every 5 minutes).


Dual-layer covers maintain optimal temperatures necessary for full-body sweat and detox response.

Curtained entrance is wheelchair accessible, making our Saunas suitable for every body.

Flexible installation that blends seamlessly into your indoor environment


Use your light panel stand-alone, in the shower, or in your sauna to bring the power of Near Infrared Therapy with you anywhere.

Light guards ensure a safe user experience by never getting too hot.

Panel clamps allow easy height adjustment, so you can customize your sauna to your exact needs.


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