Meet Cavin's Mentors: Andrea Nakayama
Meet Cavin's Mentors:
Andrea Nakayama, CNE
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In this Feed a Brain enhanced interview you’ll learn...
  • How Cavin and Andrea began working together
  • Post Traumatic Growth: reframing our relationship with our circumstances
  • Functional Nutrition, the evolution of medicine, and our role in that evolution
Andrea Nakayama is a bright shining star in health and nutrition. After a family health crisis and loss of her husband to cancer, she devoted her time to understanding how and why the body reacts as it does, and to discerning the aptitude that we have to unlock our healing potential using the keys that nutrition can provide.

Andrea is a Functional Nutritionist and the founder of Functional Nutrition Lab (formerly Holistic Nutrition Lab), a powerful online training program for practitioners around the globe.

The influence that she is making in the world by training the next wave of health practitioners  to revolutionize healthcare is exponential. Andrea has trained thousands of practitioners around the globe to partner with their clients, and to bring a revolution in medicine.

I am proud to call her a friend, mentor, and colleague.
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