Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forte © – Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops

Vitamin D not only has a systemic anti-inflammatory effect but has a brain specific anti-inflammatory effect as identified in the article “Regulatory Effect of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 on Nitric Oxide Production in Activated Microglia.”

Microglia are activated by inflammatory and pathophysiological stimuli in neurodegenerative diseases, and activated microglia induce neuronal damage by releasing cytotoxic factors like nitric oxide (NO). Activated microglia synthesize a significant amount of vitamin D3 in the rat brain, and vitamin D3 has an inhibitory effect on activated microglia.



Bio-D-Mulsion Forte® supplies 2,000 IU per drop of vitamin D3 as a micro-emulsion for enhanced absorption and utilization, which is particularly important for those with malabsorption conditions. Published clinical studies have demonstrated significant improvements in 25(OH)D concentrations (202% increase) in as little as six weeks after beginning supplementation with Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. The majority of people in the United States do not synthesize sufficient vitamin D in order to meet physiological requirements.

Use 2 to 5 drops or until the patient achieves a 50 ng/mL blood level. Combination fatty acid therapy has unquestionably been shown to have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory benefits.



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