"...an easy-to-implement road map of nutritional
changes to support your brain function and repair."

- Dr. Mark Hyman, MD Director the Cleveland Clinic Center
for Functional Medicine,
10X New York Times #1 Bestselling Author
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"His ideas are absolutely in line with current
neuroscience and have the added validation
of personal experience."

- Dr. David Perlmutter MD, FACN Board-Certified Neurologist,
4X New York Times #1 Bestselling Author
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"How to Feed a Brain will change your life."

- Dr. Terry Wahls, MD author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic
Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"Cavin is a testament to the brain’s amazing
willingness and even desire to improve and
recover when it is cared for properly."

- Dr. Datis Kharrazian DHSc, DC, MS Author of Why Isn’t My Brain Working?
and Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"For practitioners like me, this book provides
a crystal clear nutrition roadmap for my clients."

- Jessica Flanigan, Clinical Nutritionist Author of “The Loving Diet: Going Beyond Paleo
into the Heart of What Ails You”
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"I applaud Cavin for doing so much research
and citing so much good scientific literature to
ensure that his ideas are scientifically
sound and accurate."

- Dr. Bonnie Kaplan Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicine
at the University of Calgary
Learn how to Feed a Brain

"Not only does Cavin have firsthand experience
on the impact a brain injury can have on
someone's life, but he has also been a patient
and a colleague to some of the top brain
injury specialists in the world."

- Dr. David Traster, DC, MS, DACNB Co-Owner South Florida Integrative Health Learn how to Feed a Brain

About Cavin

In 2011, Cavin sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state. Since waking, he has devoted years to researching and connecting with doctors, professors, researchers, nutritionists, practitioners, and neuroscientists. With the culmination of the tools that he has learned through this journey, FeedaBrain.com aims to optimize brain function and repair by sharing experiences, information, training, services, community, and products to feed your brain nutritionally, spiritually, therapeutically, and emotionally.


Ran into these done humans in Medford, OR! I have known Serenity since Wii both volunteered for @paleofx in 2013!!! If you have a kids and want real food baby food, check out @myserenitykids! #RealFood #realfoodforpregnancy #Paleo #realbabyfood #whataretheodds ...

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It’s 4:30 pm andI just finished cooking breakfast on the grill for me and my host!

Mix green salad with grilled broccolini 🥦 , grated golden beets and carrot 🥕, topped with grilled garlic and herb prawns 🍤, shredded radicchio, and... of course... avocado! 🥑

#feedabrain #pescatarrian #grainfree #paleo #keto #yum #empowermenttour2021

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Disease is never healthy. 🤒

And… health is not the opposite of disease. 🥗

You can be in a state of disease BECAUSE you are struggling to be healthy, or struggling to be wealthy, struggling to be accepted, or struggling to be perceived as right. 😖

I have as friends who says "What other people think about me is none of my business." 😏

Dis-ease comes from Dis: lack, without, away from… 🚫

A lack of what? 🤔

A lack of Ease: comfort, tranquility, pleasure, wellbeing. 🛀

It is hard to live an awesome life in a state of dis-ease. 🕺

And it’s so easy when it’s easy. 💃

Sometimes, life is made harder for humans in order to protect a reputation, a story, a nation, a government, a family name, a certain amount of money, an aesthetic, a norm, a tradition, a religion, etc. 😕

In sociology, all of these can be called social constructs: things that people in society have agreed to give value to.

Many people contribute to a state of disease by placing the value on these constructs above the value of human beings. 👥

Not me!

I value your freedom.

I value your ease.

Freedom comes from the root “Pri” which means “to love.”

The evolution of this root has brought us “friends”: free members of one’s clan.

For me, there is nothing more important than the freedom and ease of each and every living individual.

No aesthetic.

No religion.

No object.

No rule.

No drug.

No amount of money.

No family name.

No thing is more important to me than the freedom and ease of human beings.

And any aesthetic…

Any religion…

Any object…

Any family name…

Any friendship, partnership, or any other relationship that values the construct over the freedom and the ease of the humans involved is contributing to dis-ease.

And dis-ease is never healthy. 🤒

#health #disease #healthcare #wellbeing #wellness #health #podcast #medical #empowerlife #neurotrauma #neuroscience #recovery #tbi #empowerment

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1:30pm: Breakfast. 🥗

@feedabrain @adventuresintbi #feedabrain #Paleo #Keto #ketogreen

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So excited to be kicking off the next chapter of my #EmpowermentTour2021 in Nashville, TN tomorrow afternoon (with guest appearance from @theheadfix).

As a TBI survivor and medical advocate, I am passionate about sharing ways to empower myself and to help others to empower themselves!

Tomorrow, starting at 1pm, I will be leading a workshop at the Ho Vision Group in Nashville, TN about ways to enhance, empower and improve your life.

If this interests you, if you want to learn powerful and proven strategies, concepts, and perceptions of empowerment and self authorization, come and join me and others to support you!

#neurotrauma #neuroscience #recovery #tbi #empowerment
#healthcare #wellbeing #wellness #health #podcast #medical

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Authenticity is a virtue that I value. But I don't value the kind of authenticity that is "being true to who I am." That is a petrified value. I value the authenticity that is "being true to the person I am becoming." ⁣

#growth #mindbullets #feedabrain #adventuresintbi #empowermenttour #authenticity #empowerment

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