Nobody plans for a medical crisis. And when someone’s loved one is in a debilitating medical condition, I have seen and experienced how intense the emotional, physical, and psychological weight can be. I have navigated the winding roads of recovery myself, and have been partnering with people to help them to navigate through their medical situation. 

I coach my clients to successfully speak with their medical team in order to implement treatments that are beyond the standard of care, and every one of them has been successful in getting the treatment they choose for their loved one. I bring my experience, my knowledge, and I utilize my connections to bring about the best possible outcome for them and their loved ones. 

When is the best time to work with me?

While the brain is always plastic, the early stages are indeed the best time to start working with me. Even when comatose, there is so much that can be done that is not within the standard of care, and I will help you to get the right treatment for your loved one. The brain is most plastic (able to adapt and to change) early after an injury, making the early stages a powerful stage to ensure positive, rather than negative plasticity. Since my injury, I have been studying health and wellness like my life depends on it… because it does… And it is my mission to help the most people in the greatest way. No matter where you are in your situation…

If you are serious about optimizing you or your loved one’s recovery… 

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