No one plans for a brain injury and no one knows what to do when one occurs. In this information age, we are bombarded. It is near impossible to sift through the libraries of information to find effective tools to optimize brain function and repair. I have navigated the winding roads of recovery, and have been researching the brain like my life depends on it… because it does!

Navigating the hospital bureaucracy, working with social workers, and getting your loved one the care they need is not something that anyone prepares for or are experienced with unless they have been through it. Today, I work and consult professionally with MDs, registered dieticians, social workers, functional neurologists, nutritionists, neuro-optometrists, registered dieticians, and physical, occupational, speech-language, and vision therapists. I am able to provide the perspective of someone who’s been there as well as the expertise of many professionals and doctors.

As is often said in the brain injury field, “if you’ve seen one brain injury, you’ve seen ONE brain injury.” All brain injuries are different, and all medical situations are different depending on the hospital, geographic location, medical team, nutritional availability etc. Books and articles cannot specialize information that is specifically tailored to your loved one’s particular circumstances. I partner with my clients to help them to be the most effective advocate and to bring about the best outcome possible.


  • I help you to be an empowered and effective advocate.
  • I work with clients through their emotional pain to find power and purpose.
  • I help loved ones to harness the confidence needed to effectively help their loved one.
  • I help to bridge the gap between doctors, dietitians, and other health-care professionals so that you can be certain treatment is informed and cohesive.
  • I speak with clients and healthcare providers to establish a partnership with the health-care team working toward an optimal outcome.


  • I help you to design a game plan to improve symptoms, function, and your capacity for how much joy you are able to experience.
  • I help you and your loved one to find happiness when living with brain injury or brain disease.
  • I help you to navigate the new landscape and to find the best possible options given your circumstances.

Who are my clients?

    • I work with clients who have a loved one presenting with brain challenges from minimally conscious states to post acute rehab to rejoining the workforce.
    • In addition to helping those faced with brain injury and disease, I help healthy people get the most out of their lives by developing personalized strategies to feel awesome and accomplish awesome things.

When is the best time to work with me?

The early stages are the most crucial time for recovery and are indeed the best time to consult with me. When comatose there is so much that can be done that is not within the standard of care. Additionally, the brain is most plastic (able to adapt and to change) early after an injury, making the early stages a powerful stage to ensure positive, rather than negative plasticity. When we practice doing something the wrong way, especially in an enhanced state of plasticity, we get very good at doing whatever it is the wrong way. With guidance, we can be sure to give your loved one the best possible outcome. Many times when I work with clients in the acute or subacute stages, because we come in early after an injury and begin to implement neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative protocols early on, one month is all that is needed. And that is the ideal outcome.

That being said, the brain is always plastic, and we can feed a brain (in so many more ways beyond nutrition) at any stage to optimize brain function.

If you are serious about optimizing you or your loved one’s recovery and are ready to take certain steps, schedule a consult with me.

These are aspects that I work with you for:

  • Mentally/emotionally/spiritually: I help people to get in a mindset that is conducive to healing, strength, confidence, and enjoyment rather than loss, anxiety, fear, or monotony.
  • Nutritionally: I help people to understand how food affects the brain and to develop strategies that they can personally implement to support brain health… even for those who are unable to eat conventionally.
  • Supplementally: I help people to strategically supplement (and to work with the medical team) in order to supply the brain with the ingredients needed for optimal function and repair.
  • Therapeutically: I help people to understand what specific exercises and cognitive work can be used to improve or to overcome their particular blocks and challenges.


I also help healthy people get the most out of their lives by developing personalized strategies to feel awesome and accomplish awesome things. 

No matter what stage you’re in if you think I can help you…

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Further Resources:

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Whether we want to give our brains the best shot to repair or to support normal brain function, we must supply the ingredients, the right stimulation, and navigate our unique circumstances with skill. Apply for an initial consultation here.


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In 2011 Cavin Balaster sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of ever regaining consciousness beyond a persistent vegetative state.  He didn’t eat, walk, or talk for months while he was in the hospital. He was breathing from a tube in his neck, receiving nutrition from a tube in his belly, and his left hand was completely flexed inward.

About a year after his injury, he was introduced to a nutritional protocol that helped him begin to regain some clarity.  That’s when he dove into an intense study of why nutrition made such a difference. For over 6 years, he has devoted his life to studying metabolism, neurometabolism, mechanisms of neuroplasticity, neuroscience, and nutrition, while reaching out to doctors, researchers, practitioners, and neuroscientists, to learn everything he can to optimize his brain function and to maximize his recovery.


Book Cavin to share his experience and perspectives with groups of all sizes — conferences, keynotes, luncheons, lectures, commencements, graduations, classrooms, and private gatherings. His drive is to help as many people as possible in the greatest way possible and he does so by bringing an informative, personal, positive, and genuine approach to speaking that reaches people of all walks… from middle school students to practitioners and businesses.

My goal is to provide an upbeat and informative experience with useful takeaways, on a variety of topics such as brain injury, vision, rehabilitation, neurology, nutrition, physical therapy, and mental health. Of course, if you have something special in mind, we’ll work together to make sure you’re satisfied. I tailor my comments and direction to suit audiences and situations. I also enjoy Q&A sessions–and as a musician, I’m more than happy to perform. I’m passionate about guiding and inspiring others to empower themselves.

See more of Cavin’s appearences and his CV on his media page:

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