Recovery Potential Partnership

The impairments and challenges of brain injury, cognitive decline, or brain fog can be extensive and far-reaching:

      • Social isolation
      • Anger outbursts
      • Balance problems
      • Headaches
      • Seizures
      • Memory problems
      • Difficulty concentrating or paying attention
      • Slowed thinking or processing speed
      • Confusion or disorientation
      • Poor judgment or decision-making
      • Difficulty organizing thoughts or problem-solving
      • Language or speech difficulties
      • Mood swings or emotional instability
      • Irritability or agitation
      • Anxiety or depression
      • Changes in personality or social behavior
      • Impulsivity or lack of inhibition
      • Social withdrawal
      • Visual disturbances
      • Incontinence
      • Dependence on others

Survivors living with these symptoms yearn to change things. Yet they are often told to accept their “new normal.”

I have always rejected that disempowering narrative.

Often those navigating the complex medical system find themselves overwhelmed, powerless, and isolated. Some patients receive a bleak prognosis, leaving loved ones to say goodbye to the person they once knew.

For caregivers, the emotional and physical exhaustion can be overwhelming… some days leaving them feeling hopeless.

Many turn to the internet in search of hope through success stories. While these stories are inspiring, there’s no guarantee that survivors will experience a similar outcome.

What if you could partner with…

      • A brain injury thriver with knowledge, experience, and a network of medical professionals?
      • Someone who has empowered themselves and recovered beyond expectations?
      • Someone to help you navigate the overwhelming mental, emotional, and physical stress?
      • Someone to help you navigate the maze of information and care options?

My name is Cavin Balaster

I collaborate with clients worldwide to maximize recovery potential.

I have experienced neurologic challenges firsthand.

After waking up from my second coma, I found I could not eat, walk, or talk after weeks of minimal consciousness. I lived in this reality for months.

Doctors also advised me and my family to accept our “new normal.”

By integrating mainstream medicine with lesser known (or accepted) therapies…

I exceeded everyone’s expectations in my recovery.

Today I thrive, living a life I love, and dedicated to enhancing the recovery potential of others.


Who is Cavin?

  • Cavin is a brain injury survivor and thriver.
  • Cavin is trained in functional nutrition by the Functional Nutrition Lab. He can guide nutrition, supplementation and partner with your healthcare team.
  • Cavin is an experienced patient advocate. He has been through the ins and outs of the medical system. He has firsthand knowledge going through it himself and also assisting clients during medical crises. He can build a recovery roadmap for your unique situation.
  • Cavin has a deep understanding of neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation.
  • He has strong relationships with speech-language pathologists, functional neurologists, neuro-optometrists, and naturopathic physicians.
  • Cavin is well-informed about various facets of health that impact neurology. This includes oral, digestive, immune, hormonal, and emotional health.
  • Cavin has direct experience collaborating with doctors, therapists, and medical teams to use the safest and most effective treatments and therapies for each family’s unique situation.
  • Cavin is a trauma-informed survivor and thriver. He can assist and facilitate the functional integration of emotional or physical trauma.

Who Does Cavin Work With?

  • Cavin partners with survivors and loved ones recovering from neurological and chronic conditions. This includes:
    • Brain Injury (traumatic and acquired).
    • Concussion
    • CTE
    • Stroke
    • Epilepsy
    • Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease
    • Brain fog (often post COVID and/or post vaccine)
  • Cavin partners with individuals with loved ones in medical crises as they navigate the complex medical system.
  • Cavin can help provide therapy assistance, build systems, offer organizational support, and hold clients accountable with their recovery goals.
  • As a medical advocate, Cavin guides his clients in empowering themselves. He helps to foster effective collaboration with their medical team.
  • This collaborative approach may entail changing medication, diet, and supplementation. It may involve the relocation to different hospitals or exploring rehabilitative services, social programs, or addressing other requirements specific to your circumstances.
  • Physical and emotional trauma often creates in the body. Cavin helps to develop functional habits so you can achieve your goals, and discover and nurture your values.
  • Cavin regularly reviews medical research and consults with allopathic, naturopathic, clinical, and functional medicine and nutrition mentors. This ensures the validity, safety, and efficacy of treatments, providing you with safer and more effective options than the conventional medical standard of care (ask me about this on our call).
  • Cavin educates his clients by guiding empowered medical decision-making, allowing them to receive the treatments they choose and avoid those they don’t want.

What Does Working with Cavin Look Like?

Our initial call will:

  • Go over your specific situation.
  • Explore medications, supplements, and practices involved in your healing.
  • Explore what steps are right for you at this point.
  • Determine if it makes sense for us to work together.

After our initial call, if we determine that we are a good fit:

  • You will gain access to an organized Client Dashboard that tracks the aspects involved in maximizing your or your loved one’s recovery potential.
  • We will build systems to address personal care needs and provide emotional support, including physical, mental, and emotional practices.
  • Support during enrollment in social programs for financial relief.
  • We will co-create a customized and comprehensive action plan, regularly monitored and updated to ensure we are on track toward your recovery goals.
  • You will receive guidance on nutrition, supplementation, and digestive health (considering the bidirectional gut-brain axis).

As your partner in navigating recovery, I am fully available to you. Here’s how:

  • At least one phone or video call every week.
  • Direct access to call, text, voice, or video message me anytime with an expedited response time (typically within the hour and at most 24 hours).
  • Check-ins as often as requested.

What is The Investment to Start Working with Cavin?

  • The investment for the initial call is $350 USD.
  • If we decide to partner, this investment will be credited toward your customized partnership package.
  • I aim to provide the highest value in the most efficient and impactful way possible. I am so committed to this goal that I offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t find value in the initial call.
  • Since each situation is unique, this call has no time limit.
    • I want to ensure that you get a lot out of our conversation.

Apply for a call to explore the possibility of partnering with me. I look forward to discussing how we can maximize your or your loved one’s recovery potential.

This is NOT your new normal…

This is a new beginning!

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