OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend

Scientific literature continues to highlight the connection between the health of our mouths and the health of our bodies.

You may have heard me talk about the mouth/body connection and the profound impact that oral health can have on whole-body health.

In fact, there is a huge connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s.

Our brains and bodies take in molecules from the outside primarily through our lungs, our food, and our water, which all pass through our oral cavity. This is why our oral health is so important.

What OraWellness has created is the only tooth product that:

  • is created with 100% organic and wildcrafted ingredients
  • has a proven track record of helping to stop (and in some cases even reverse) tooth decay
  • helps restore balance to the oral flora to help stop the damage of gum disease
  • addresses the root cause of chronic bad breath


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