Sweet Tooth Bitter Truth

Whether you are struggling with fatigue, digestive issues, weight loss, or healing from surgery or a more serious health crisis, your first step towards healing is to:

  • Learn how sugar is affecting your body (and likely exacerbating your symptoms)
  • Identify YOUR unique ties to sugar, and how to untangle them
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy and delicious alternatives

It’s time to unravel the facts about how sugar really affects your body and brain.


At last! With this two hour in-depth audio class and support information you can relish in an enriched understanding of how to advance your health by removing the processed sugars and sugar substitutes and bringing in healthy alternatives. You’ll learn how to identify YOUR unique ties to sugar as well as how to make manageable shifts in your diet and behavior to lift the brain fog, elevate your immune potential, loose some stubborn pounds, and all the while satisfy your sweet tooth.

Two hour audio class available for you to listen to at your leisure upon registration!

–> listen in full
–> listen in increments to match your learning pace
–> return to the audio again and again as you need
–> It’s YOUR choice!
–> It’s your program.


Learn more about the importance of blood sugar regulation in our Full Article on Blood Sugar here.


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