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We are NOT what we eat!

We are what our digestive systems can do with what we eat.

If we are not absorbing the nutrients in our food because of issues with digestion, then all our hard work and money might be going down the toilet! Literally!

We can not absorb nutrients from our supplements or food if we have low stomach acid, low levels of enzymes, dysbiosis, or issues with the lining of our intestines.

And… certain supplements enhance how we absorb the nutrients in our food (and our supplements). So it makes a lot of sense to use supplements to enhance our ability to digest.

  1. Balanced Gut Microbiota: Prebiotics like those in aloe vera help maintain a healthy balance of gut flora, which is essential for producing certain vitamins and neurotransmitters. The gut microbiome also plays a significant role in modulating the immune system, reducing neuroinflammation and supporting overall brain health​​​​.
  2. Mood Regulation and Cognitive Function: In addition to reducing brain inflammation, this product also aids in the production and balance of neurotransmitters such as serotonin (which is predominantly produced in the gut), positively influencing mood, anxiety levels, and cognitive functions​​​​.
  3. Improved Gut and Brain Barrier Integrity: The Gut Lining Support in Glow🔥Nourish contains L-glutamine, aloe, DGL, and prebiotics which all promote the repair of the intestinal lining, and a healthy gut lining prevents harmful substances from leaking into the bloodstream, thereby reducing inflammation and its impact on brain function​​​​.
  4. Support for Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and Neuronal Health: The prebiotics found in Glow🔥Nourish, work to nourish beneficial gut bacteria that produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are known to enhance the integrity of the blood-brain barrier, have anti-inflammatory effects, support neuronal health and function, and improve communication between the gut and the brain. This can result in better mental clarity, reduced neuroinflammation, and overall improved brain function​​.
  5. Reduction in Brain Fog and Improved Mental Clarity: A well-supported digestive system reduces the occurrence of common issues like bloating and gas, and ensures efficient detoxification processes. This can lead to clearer thinking and better cognitive performance as the body is better able to rid itself of toxins and utilize nutrients effectively​​​​.
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Glow🔥Nourish is designed to harness and enhance the warmth of a well-functioning Agni by incorporating key ingredients such as L-glutamine, aloe, deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and prebiotics. L-glutamine supports the repair and maintenance of the gut lining, which is essential for a healthy digestive process and prevents the leakage of undigested particles that can dampen the digestive fire and cause systemic inflammation. Aloe and DGL are known for their soothing properties that calm the digestive tract and support the healing of the mucosal lining of both the stomach and the intestines. Prebiotics nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut (provided in Glow🔥Nourish), promoting a balanced microbiome that aids in efficient digestion.

Dosage Guide for Glow🔥Nourish

Glow🔥Nourish is a supplement designed to nourish and protect the stomach and gut lining with ingredients like DGL, Glutamine, and Aloe Vera, which collectively support mucosal integrity and soothe irritation. Glow🔥Nourish also contains a prebiotic (Arabinogalactan) which feeds beneficial bacteria like those supplied by Ember🔥Boost, promoting the production of health-supportive short-chain fatty acids, creating a synergistic impact on brain and overall health.

-How to Find Your Personal Optimal Dosage of Glow🔥Nourish-

  • Starting Point: Begin by taking one scoop of Glow🔥Nourish at night.
  • Add Morning Dose: If you do not experience any negative digestive or neurological changes, add another scoop of Glow🔥Nourish. At this stage, you should be consuming one scoop of Glow🔥Nourish twice a day (morning and night).
  • Monitor Your Response: Pay close attention to how you respond to each incremental increase. Most people do fine with this supplement at dosages as high as three (3) scoops twice daily (2x/day).
  • Adjust Based on Symptoms: If you experience digestive upset, negative neurological changes, or other adverse effects (very rare), scale back the dosage of Glow🔥Nourish by one scoop and reassess.
  • Find Your Optimal Dose: Your optimal dosage might be reached before the maximal suggested limits.

Key Considerations-

  • Personalization is The Key: Digestive and neurological responses can vary between individuals, making it essential to tailor the dosage according to your personal tolerance and needs.
  • Regular Reassessment: As your body adjusts to these supplements, or if your health status changes, it might be necessary to modify your dosages. Periodic reassessment every few months can be helpful.

Safety Precautions-

  • Check for any potential allergens in the ingredient list, especially if you have known sensitivities or allergies to herbal components.

Read the doctors reference sheet for Glow🔥Nourish

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