Since waking from a coma, Cavin has devoted years to connecting with top brain and nutrition experts. How to Feed a Brain is the culmination of his nutritional tools.

Go far beyond brain injury and learn from those at the forefront of neurology, neuroplasticity, neurorehabilitation, and brain optimization.

Cavin has assembled some of the top brain and nutrition experts of our time.

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About Cavin

In 2011, Cavin sustained a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state. Since waking, he has devoted years to researching and connecting with doctors, professors, researchers, nutritionists, practitioners, and neuroscientists. With the culmination of the tools that he has learned through this journey, aims to optimize brain function and repair by sharing experiences, information, training, services, community, and products to feed your brain nutritionally, spiritually, therapeutically, and emotionally.


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