Taurine Powder

What is Taurine?

Taurine is a natural amino acid that behaves as a lipid and membrane stabilizer. Most Taurine benefits are exerted through other compounds in the body. Unlike most amino acids, Taurine is not used to produce proteins so it’s classified as a ‘conditionally essential amino acid’. Taurine occurs naturally in the human body and is found in most animal meats. Foods high in Taurine include fish, poultry, red meats, shellfish and dairy products.

Taurine synthesis in mammals occurs in the pancreas through the ‘cysteine sulfinic acid pathway’. In this process cysteine is oxidized to sulfinic acid and is then catalyzed by cysteine dioxygenase. Cysteine sulfinic acid is then decarboxylated by sulfinoalanine decarboxylase to make hypotaurine, which is then oxidized to create Taurine.

Taurine Uses and Benefits

  • Supports Healthy metabolic function
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports organ health
  • Supports healthy stress levels

What Does Taurine Do?

Taurine binds to GABAA and GABAB receptors and may increase GABA levels in the body. A study on mice found increased GABA and reduced picrotoxin toxicity when supplementing with Taurine. Picrotoxin acts as an antagonist to the GABAA receptors by blocking The GABAA receptor/chloride channel.

Taurine has demonstrated a notable increase in blood flow in controlled human studies. But despite increased blood flow, there were no significant changes to other measurable blood variables. Contrary to these findings, a few animal research studies yielded results that suggest increased Taurine intake may support a healthy metabolism but more research is needed in this area.

Studies on rats have found that Taurine benefits muscle function. Rats working under a Taurine supplement were able to work longer and with greater force than rats in the control group. Research found that Taurine supplemented mice had less fatigue and muscle damage.

Some evidence suggests that Taurine benefits can extend to eyes in mammals. These protective Taurine effects are believed to be due to either a stimulatory effect on photoreceptors and rhodopsin (vital pigment for sight) or managing pro-oxidative stressors in the eye caused by light stimulation.
Taurine is believed to support respiratory health. Taurine reacts with hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and produces N-chlorotaurine, rather than HOCI interacting with other compounds that trigger inflammation responses.

Taurine Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take 1000mg of Taurine twice daily.

Taurine Reviews

To gain more insight, see the Taurine reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Taurine Powder

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