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What if there was a way you could lose weight, build muscle, remove toxins from your body, relieve pain, reduce stress, boost brain function, sleep better, and live longer all by doing this one simple thing.
You would at least want to learn more about it, right? No, I’m not talking about changing your diet or getting more exercise. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great, but this one simple thing is very easy to do when compared to revamping your diet and exercise regimen.

Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna

All you have to do is sweat in a Near Infrared Sauna. A Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna uses a special bandwidth of light that can absorb deeply into our cells to give you more energy, and vitality in addition to all of the benefits mentioned above.
The light we receive from the Sun is about 52%-55% infrared light, but supposedly spending too much time in the Sun can be harmful due to excess exposure to ultraviolet light.
NIR saunas use the healthiest kinds of rays that we normally get from the sun, and they are perfectly safe for all humans, even in high doses.

Cavin’s Sauna Story

After healing his digestion and finding some clarity, he began to research like his life depended on it… because it did. He learned of all of the benefits of sauna therapy and, because there were very few risks and unknowns, he decided to go for it. He ended up converting his shower into a sauna enclosure in order to save space, and he gave this idea to a company who now makes and sells an excellent shower conversion kit using his plan.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of NIR (near infrared) and why this is a very important therapy for neurorehabilitation.

1-Burn More Fat

In a clinical study, 20 women just rode stationary bikes 3 times per week for 4 weeks, and another 20 women did the exact same exercise in addition to NIR sauna therapy.
The group that did the sauna therapy lost an extra 444% more weight on average than the control group! Not only can NIR saunas boost your weight loss, they can also increase your energy levels, and speed up your metabolism.
NIR saunas have been shown to increase our energy levels by helping our mitochondria create more ATP which is basically the fuel used by every cell in our bodies.

It Helps With Cellulite Too?!

Another great weight loss benefit of NIR saunas is that they can reduce or even eliminate cellulite. Sweating helps remove the toxins that can cause cellulite, and NIR saunas aid in collagen, and fibroblast production which helps us have beautiful, youthful skin.
NIR sauna therapy also helps with proper thyroid function which is critical for us to have a healthy metabolism.

2-Build More Muscle

Believe it or not, NIR saunas can boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels. Sweating in a sauna is seen as a stressor to our bodies so our bodies create an adaptive response that makes us stronger.
HGH helps us build more muscle, burn more fat, and retain more calcium in our bones. As we age, our ability to produce HGH drops significantly which is why sweating in a NIR sauna is an anti-aging must.

Improve Your Workout

NIR saunas can supercharge your workout as well. According to multiple studies, they can boost blood flow to your muscles, speed up your recovery time, increase your endurance, and reduce muscle fatigue.
They can also reduce the time required to workout because it can get your body into a high caloric burning state faster, and reduce the time needed to warm up.

3-Remove Toxins

Sweating is the only known way to remove many carcinogens from our bodies like PCB’s, VOC’s, dioxins, furans, and phthalates according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson among others.
The problem is that most activities that cause sweating also cause more inflammation, and stress whereas saunas have the opposite effect.

Fat Is a Storage Place for Toxins

Most of these toxins are stored in our fat cells as well, and NIR saunas help us to burn fat, which is an added bonus from the weight loss caused by the NIR sauna therapy.
When we get rid of body fat, we also get rid of the toxins hiding there, and vice versa. NIR saunas have also been shown to dramatically reduce mercury levels in our bodies as well as other heavy metals like nickel, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

“Sweating offers potential and deserves consideration
to assist with removal of toxic elements from the body.”
— Researchers writing in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health

4-Relieve Pain

Hyperthermic therapies like NIR saunas increase the release of beta-endorphins which is a “feel good” molecule that can dramatically reduce your sensation of pain.
However, NIR saunas do not just treat the symptom, they can address the root cause of joint pain by helping to increase our circulation, improve our inflammatory response, and allow for more flexibility in our joints.

A Few Clinical Studies

In a very interesting study, people with fibromyalgia (a disease characterized by widespread pain) reported a 33%-77% reduction in pain after using near infrared saunas on a regular basis.
What was most interesting is that after the study was over, they still reported a 28%-66% reduction in their pain levels even 6 months after they stopped using the infrared saunas! This means that you can make a lasting impact on your health by using NIR saunas.

5-Reduce Stress

NIR saunas have been shown to stabilize our cortisol levels in clinical studies. Cortisol is also called the “stress hormone” so NIR saunas have been clinically proven to relieve stress.
As if this weren’t enough, saunas and sweating have been shown in many studies to reduce anxiety, reduce feelings of frustration, induce feelings of relaxation, and even has beneficial effects on depression.

Feel Better

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman conducted an experiment on clinically depressed patients, and they reported that their symptoms were reduced by 50% on average after just one session!
What’s more is that in a follow-up study, he noted that their depression symptoms were reduced for up to six weeks after a single NIR sauna session. This is more evidence showing that even a single NIR sauna session can have long-lasting benefits for your health.

6-Boost Brain Function

NIR saunas have a myriad of beneficial effects on our brains. The first and arguably most important is that it can boost levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in our brains.
Many researchers call BDNF “fertilizer for the brain” because it can help you grow new neurons, maintain existing neurons, and even repair damaged neurons.
In addition to boosting BDNF, near infrared saunas can also help grow the myelin sheath around your neurons.

Enhance Myelination

Myelin is a fatty coating on our neurons that can help your neurons send signals up to ten times faster. NIR saunas do this by boosting levels of prolactin. Prolactin stimulates neuronal myelination.
When women did two 20 minute sessions in a sauna, their levels of prolactin increased by 510%. When healthy young men sat in a sauna until exhaustion, the increase of prolactin was over 1,000%!
NIR saunas can also increase brain levels of norepinephrine (aka noradrenaline) which helps boost focus and attention. Because of this fact, NIR saunas could be a beneficial adjunct therapy to those with conditions like ADD/ADHD.

7-Sleep Better

Researchers in Finland found that sauna therapy increased high-quality deep sleep. Sleep possibly over the most important factor in our health and itis often overlooked.
Getting deep sleep increases our cognitive abilities and nervous system function helps with our hormone balance, reduces our stress levels, and even reduces inflammation in our bodies.

8-Live Longer

Perhaps the most amazing study about the long-term benefits of sauna therapy comes from Finland, where researchers observed over 2,300 men for over 20 years.
The ones who used saunas the most (4-7 times per week vs once per week) were able to have a longer life with a dramatic decrease in the risk fatal vascular events, fatal cardiac events, and dementia. (I use my sauna almost every day when I am home!)

“We have taken into account other lifestyle factors, like physical activity and socioeconomic factors. There is an independent effect of sauna.”
— Dr. Jari Laukkanen, Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Eastern Finland

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